The Fix

We assess and treat your whole body,
not just the bit that hurts.

At The Fix Physiotherapy you will have a 60 minute initial appointment. We believe this length of time is necessary to fully understand what brought you to us, and get a start on what to do about it. After that your appointment length may vary based on your needs.

Whatever your symptoms are, our goal is to get to the bottom of it and find the root cause. A lot of symptoms occur because there is an imbalance of load, leading to a change in movement patterns. This can occur suddenly or over a period of time and often there is a combination of factors involved. These factors aren’t always physical. Once we have this worked out, we can start restoring balance to your body.

We have a range of approaches we use to help us in restoring this balance. You will have something to work on at home/work, usually no more than 1-3 exercises or activities. These may be aimed at immediate movement restoration and symptom relief, or more long-term goals such as improving movement patterns, changing posture, modifying pain behaviours, or the multitude of other factors that can influence your symptoms.

In the clinic we also have a range of equipment and techniques to help you on your way. Some of our favourites include integrated dry needling, traditional acupuncture, McKenzie Method and Clinical Pilates. This range of techniques allows us to match people and symptoms with the most effective treatment.